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Click Here to see how you can Help Greenwood Child Care Scholarship Foundation

Child Care Scholarship, Inc is a new corporation founded by Vickie Greenwood to do fundraising to help low income families with scholarships for childcare funding that is being cut by the state.  We will be conducting two Christmas Fundraisers for this new worthy corporation and appreciate any assistance that you can offer.  If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please call Vickie Greenwood at 406-587-2429.

Summer Is Here!

All Children three years of age and older will be going on field trips.  We ask that you bring extra clothes for your child.  With all of the excitement, accidents do happen.  It makes everyone more at ease if they have a set of clothes from home to change into.  If you child is participating in the field trips, please make sure that they are here and ready to go by or before 9am.  The vans will leave promptly at 9am.  

Summer Fieldtrip Parent Note

It's field trip season.  We ask that you keep a few things in mind in order to keep you child safe and comfortable during these fun filled summer months.  
  • Please, no flip flops.  We had a little one that was running across the play yard, tripped and broke her foot in flip flops.  Sandals are acceptable on non-hiking days, as long as they are strapped on; otherwise, make sure your child has tennis shoes on or at the school.  If your child is unable to participate in a great outdoor activity due to in appropriate footwear, it would be unfortunate for all involved.  
  • We will not have a microwave, utensils, or any other device to warm or make your child's lunch, not even McDonalds.  Make sure to pack cold lunches with appropriate utensils and a drink every day this summer.
  • Make sure that you are abreast of the field trips for your child's age group.  Field trip schedule are available at the front counter.
  • Please send a backpack, lunch and water bottle for your child on all field trip days.
  • We ask every parent to bring in a bottle of Non-waterproof PABA Free sunscreen.  Water proof sunscreen is very difficult to rince out of eyes if such an occasion were to occur.


Label Everything

Requested Snacks 

  • Hats
  • Towels
  • Non-perishable lunches
  • Sunscreen
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Extra set of clothes

Does Your Child
have an extra
set of clothes at Greenwood?
If not, please bring 
a set in to the school.

Juice Bread
Raisins Crackers
 Fruit Cereals
Bananas Cheese
Please remember to
bring snacks 1x per
  week.  We all love to snack every hour, and  so do your little people.

Registration for Summer Programs

Summer Programs will begin on June 16.  We are offering theme based field trips, sports camps, and a wonderful art camp taught by a local artist.  If children are currently enrolled, they will be automatically enrolled in the summer program.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact Vickie or Marika at 597-2429. 

Click Here For More Information on our Exciting Our Summer Camps